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Our Story

Emerging from market demands, evolved into a globally embraced solution.

In 2015, NOTO was developed by visionary fintech leaders, whose wealth of international experience in payments, fraud prevention, and compliance formed the cornerstone of our venture.

Behind NOTO's inception lay a profound philosophy: to craft a software solution that not only offers a diverse array of functionalities but remains effortlessly accessible, efficient, and tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Since our very first client in 2017, NOTO embarked on an inspiring journey of growth. What began as a modest office tucked away in a garage blossomed into a thriving company, now boasting a team of over 60 professionals in the fields of risk management and technologies.

This journey continues unabated, as our clients can be found across four continents, with their businesses leaving footprints in every corner of the world.

At the heart of our growth story lies the unwavering dedication of every team member. Each individual contributes to the evolution of our product, prioritizing client satisfaction and fostering a culture of mutual respect among colleagues.

Our Founders

Ivan Stefanov Photo
Ivan Stefanov Co-Founder, CEO

Ivan is a fraud prevention executive with a rich background in e-commerce and risk management. During his career at various global payments technology companies, Ivan honed his skills in pioneering risk management strategies. Ivan led Consumer Fraud and Payments at Groupon in Switzerland before returning to Paysafe Group in 2015 to spearhead the consolidation of Risk and fraud functions. Since the inception of NOTO, Ivan has played a pivotal role, overseeing the company's development and innovation strategy while benchmarking the NOTO solution against market competitors, and expanding the business.

Ivan Stefanov Photo
Apostol Terziev Photo
Apostol Terziev Co-Founder, CTO

Apostol is a seasoned executive with 14+ years in software development and infrastructure, rose to Chief Software Architect after initiating innovative projects for the third-largest communications group in the world. With an MBA in Industrial Automation, he now serves as Chief Technology Officer at NOTO, driving technological success and overseeing core platform operations, infrastructure and team.

Apostol Terziev Photo
Svetlin Dobrev Photo
Svetlin Dobrev Co-Founder, COO

Svetlin is a fraud and risk management executive, renowned for his extensive expertise in e-commerce and online gaming. With notable leadership roles at Moneybookers (now Skrill) and later at Intralot and Rakuten, he has consistently devised and implemented effective fraud prevention and risk management strategies. Since joining NOTO as a Co-Founder, Svetlin has led the Operations division, ensuring smooth platform operations and providing expert guidance on risk management practices to clients.

Svetlin Dobrev Photo

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