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Noto Platform

Why Noto

NOTO is an enterprise grade solution designed to address all financial crime threats. It is data agnostic and uniquely flexible, and empowers its users to efficiently combat fraud and money laundering across any vertical or industry. NOTO ensures unsurpassed ROI and truly global capabilities.

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NOTO merges anti-fraud and AML expertise, ensuring full coverage for clients and boosting business scalability.

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A single-integration 360 platform saving clients' time and effort in implementation and use, thus maximizing productivity.

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Designed by anti-fraud experts who understand the diverse challenges faced by businesses across all industries.

Main Features

Access to a complete toolset for financial crime prevention via intuitive and easy to use UI.


Decision Engine

NOTO's decision engine is the core of our platform, allowing for definition of complex fraud and AML rules or business process orchestration, delivering custom response in a matter of a few milliseconds.


Case Management

NOTO's case management is designed to be flexible and adaptive, catering to your organization's unique processes for review and investigation. Customization is quick and easy via our user-friendly interface.


Machine Learning

Apply advanced algorithms and statistical models to identify patterns, anomalies, and suspicious behavior and high risk financial transactions. Develop, test and retrain models in minutes instead of days.


Fraud Alerts

Receive and automatically respond to confirmed issuer fraud alerts via Ethoca and Verifi. The NOTO platform automatically matches fraud alerts to transactions and takes action to prevent subsequent fraudulent transactions.


Business Intelligence

Actionable, near real-time custom insights. Create and manage financial crime dashboards that allow for quick and simple visual analysis.


Rule & Model Testing

Make informed decisions by testing new rules and models on historical data or in parallel. Provide rapid and informed response to new financial crime threats.


Network Analysis

The NOTO network analysis helps reveal the interconnected relationships between any entity, such as accounts, transactions or logins to uncover complex patterns and links that are not initially visible.


Audit Trail

The NOTO platform keeps a complete audit trail of all user activity, throughout the entire application.


Version Control

The NOTO platform keeps a complete audit trail of all user activity. Full version controls allows for a detailed history of fraud prevention and AML setup that was used at any point in time.




Implementation Support

Dedicated PM guides integration with hands-on participation throughout implementation.


Product Support & Training

Quick and relevant support for all day to day inquiries. Support is available in English and Spanish.


Professional & Managed Services

Custom engagement for all customer needs. Consulting, SME advice or fully managed services are available.


New Features

We value customer feedback. We deliver 8+ product releases per year.

Integrated Solutions

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NOTO provides access to an extensive list of ready to use industry leading 3rd party vendors, delivering services like: IP geolocation, BIN data, phone and email verification and risk scoring, watch lists screening and more.


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